Egon on Wheels

Egon’s custom cart from Eddie’s Wheels arrived today, and after a couple of quick adjustments to the yoke and the stirrups, he was fit and ready to roll.

As you can imagine, the little guy took to it quickly when the promise of fake dog bacon was involved (“DOGS DON’T KNOW IT’S NOT BACONNNNN!”)

I decided to let him go outside and explore the yard a bit. He hasn’t been outside at all since coming home from the hospital, mainly because I didn’t want him dragging his delicate undercarriage around and getting hurt on a rock, stick, or thorny leaf from the shrubbery. They’ve been landscaping around here and it is a major mess. With the cart, though, I figured we were cleared for takeoff.

You should have seen the little guy when he saw me getting his harness out. Oh my. He was so excited he was practically quivering with joy. If he could wag his tail still (sigh) it would have been going a mile a minute. I carefully helped him out the front door and onto the sidewalk, from where he was able to smoothly just roll on into the grass. He was PSYCHED.

He still wants to sniff all over — everywhere any other dog has been — and I’m sure his instinct is to try to pee there, too. He’s no longer in charge of that bodily function, however, so I had to encourage him to move on along. Just a simple tug on the leash isn’t enough to get him moving with the cart, though: I’m finding that he has to want to move forward or I can’t make him, so I just let him do his sniffing routine and enjoy the sunshine before luring him back inside by pretending to have more bacon in my hand. (I’m sneaky and duplicitous like that.)

He was pretty tired after just a few minutes’ jaunt, but he still wanted to keep an eye on the yard, so he just toddled over to his patio-side bed for a rest. Big day for the little guy.

Eegs Takes a Rest

Once again, thank you for reading, and for your generosity — which allowed me to order this awesome custom cart for Egon without flinching (much). It’s an amazing thing!


14 thoughts on “Egon on Wheels

    • Meee tooooo! He was just so darn HAPPY. And now he’s so darn TIRED. It’s adorable. (We just did round 2 of cart practice around the house. He has to build up his mileage slowly.)

  1. He was cruisin’! Oh this made my day. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for the pic (got it today in the mail). Egon is now on the fridge next to my niece’s drawing.

  2. GO EEGS! He’s so fast! Great to see him doing so well. His cart reminds me of some of the excellent wheelchairs available now for use on beaches.

  3. Omigosh! I love the picture of him and his wheels on his pillow! I can’t see the videos for some reason, but I’ll check them out when I get back home.

  4. Just saw these 3 videos! Luckily they played fine on my android….WOW he is fast! At 1st I wondered why you’d need the leash,but after seein’ him go,I understood! Awesome 😀

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